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Lasagna Soup

In typical western Pennsylvania fashion, our weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Last week I was miserably scraping the frost from my windshield, while today I headed out the door in only a hoodie. (Well, plus pants. I don’t … Continue reading

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How To: Make Parmesan Crisps

Not only does fall bring lots of pumpkin recipes, it also brings lots of soup recipes. Even though we’re having somewhat of an Indian summer here in Pennsylvania, I am still craving soup. Next time you’re looking to make your soup a … Continue reading

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Roasted Tomato Soup

Growing up, I hated tomato soup. Perhaps it was because I only encountered the canned variety, but it completely grossed me out. It wasn’t until recently that I tried homemade tomato soup, and had somewhat of an eureka moment. This is what … Continue reading

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Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Brad and I tend to stay away from chain restaurants when we go out to dinner, but once in a while Olive Garden just hits the spot. Coming from an Italian family, I find most of their pasta dishes to be … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

Long time, no see blog readers! Life has been crazy these past few weeks, leaving me little time to cook. Between moving into a new townhouse, and working tons of 12 hour shifts in a row, my poor little blog has … Continue reading

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Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup

One my fiance’s favorites meals involves a can of cream of chicken soup. In an attempt to reduce the amount of processed food that we eat, I sought out to find a recipe for cream of chicken soup. I came … Continue reading

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