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Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Quesadillas are one of my favorite things to eat for lunch. They are incredibly versatile, relatively healthy and a great vehicle to use up leftovers. If you have a picky child (or husband), they are great to sneak veggies into their … Continue reading

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I love my mom, but she’ll even admit – she’s not the best cook. We ate a lot of barbeque chicken and spaghetti-o’s growing up. Even though she might not be too creative when it comes to dinner, that girl … Continue reading

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Crockpot Refried Beans

My husband is a huge fan of refried beans, so much that he insists on putting them on every kind of Mexican food that he eats. The poor man has never had homemade refried beans before, only because every recipe I found seemed somewhat … Continue reading

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Pizza Rolls

It’s no secret that Brad and I love pizza, in any form – grilled, wrapped into a calzone, or tucked into a pizza bite. These pizza rolls are easy to make, and are great to serve as an appetizer, or … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Bites

It’s September, which doesn’t just mean back to school or the beginning of fall, it means football season is here! Brad and I have season tickets to our favorite NFL team, the Buffalo Bills, so our Sundays will be filled … Continue reading

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Roast Beef on Weck

Roast beef on weck is Buffalo’s quinessential sandwich. Thinly sliced roast beef, dipped in au jus, then piled high on a kummelweck roll makes quite an impreesive sandwich. What exactly is a “weck” roll? Essentially it is a kaiser roll, topped … Continue reading

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Baked Buffalo Wings

Ahh Buffalo wings. The heart and soul of every Buffalonian. They can be found at every bar, football tailgate and as a side dish to a large pizza. Every summer in Buffalo there a huge Buffalo Wing Festival, where dozens of … Continue reading

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FoodBuzz 24×24: Taste of Buffalo – Sampling Buffalo’s Famous Foods

I spent most of my life living just outside of Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is not known for a lot of things; we have a poor job market, crappy weather, and sports teams that can’t seem to win a championship. … Continue reading

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Pizza Bites

Pizza bites are now my new favorite appetizer to make. Not only are delicious and easily adaptable to your tastes, they are super easy and quick to make. Just grab your favorite pizza dough, wrap it around your favorite pizza … Continue reading

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Potato Slabs

Potato skins are the perfect party appetizer. They are easy to eat with one hand, tasty and can be served warm or at room temperature. Plus, anything with bacon and cheese is usually a good thing, right? By slicing the … Continue reading

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