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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

On the outside, my mom and I look nothing alike. She’s an olive-skinned, dark-haired Italian, while I’m the spitting image of my dad’s sisters with my light skin, light brown hair and green eyes.  Personality wise, we’re not such a match either. I tend to … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Cups

If you are looking for something to give you a sugar buzz, look no further. This dessert is super rich, and so sinfully sweet that it may cause you to go into a sugar coma. It is also perhaps my new … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Ice Cream

Part of the fun of having an ice cream maker is making flavors that aren’t easily found in the store. Cinnamon ice cream is a great example of this. It happens to be one of my husband’s favorite flavors, and … Continue reading

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Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m starting to get obsessed with my ice cream maker. Nothing compares to homemade ice cream, even the most expensive store bought ice cream. This ice cream is rich and creamy and spiked with big … Continue reading

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Raspberry Frozen Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one my favorite things to eat. With its thick, creamy consistency and double the amount of protein as regular yogurt, it is one of the healthiest types of yogurt you can eat. I eat is almost every … Continue reading

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Frozen Fruit Bars

There’s a new website called Pinterest that has taken the internet by storm. Basically, its a website to share inspiration from everything to cooking to home decor to fashion. It is essentially an online design board. Since discovering it, I have … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Ever since summer started, I’ve been seeing all these fabulous ice cream recipes popping up all over the internet. Unfortunately for me, I did not have an ice cream maker. After bookmarking dozens of recipes, I finally went ahead and … Continue reading

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