Fortune Cookies

Life has been absoultely crazy these past few weeks. We are well underway with construction on my husband’s new chiropractic office, and whenever I’m not at my own job, I’m down at the new office helping out with whatever I can. (Which isn’t a whole lot right now, since my drywalling skills are lacking). With most of our focus being on the new office, Valentine’s Day sort of snuck up on me this year. While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person, it is still a good excuse to make a nice dinner with a fun dessert, and hopefully get some flowers from the hubby.

Since my free time is limited, I knew I didn’t have time for any sort of complicated dessert this year. Fortune cookies have been on my to-do list for awhile, and surpisingly, they are super easy and quick to make. It only involves 4 ingredients, and takes less than 15 minutes to bake and shape the cookies. You can really customize the cookies by adding little notes to your sweetie, or even cute jokes. Looking to add some spice to your Valentine’s day? Make a game of truth or dare by filling your fortune cookies with thought provoking questions and fun little dares…you can thank me later. 🙂

Homemade Fortune Cookies
Yields: 20-22 cookies 

1/2 cups all-purpose or bread flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg whites

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend to combine. You can also mix with whisk – just make sure there are no lumps! Cover and chill the dough for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 400° F. While the dough chills, cut some strips of paper and write your notes on them. Fold the edges in to the center, then fold in half again.

On a piece of parchement paper, trace 4 (3-inch) circles using a biscuit cutter. Flip the parchement paper over and place it on a baking sheet. Spoon 1 teaspoon of batter into center of each of the drawn circles; spread evenly to fill circle.

Bake at 400° F for 5-6 minutes or until the cookies are brown just around the edges and a little toward the centers. Remove from the oven. Let them sit for 20-30 seconds before removing from pan, using a thin, sharp spatula.

Turn each cookie over, and place a fortune along the center of the cookie. Fold the cookie over so the edges meet; press edges together. Gently pull the ends of the cookie down over the rim of a small bowl (or jar); hold for a few seconds or until set. Repeat the process with the remaining cookies.

Allow the cookies to cool, then dip in melted chocolate and sprinkles to decorate.

Source: Our Best Bites

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  1. I love this idea, these are super cute!

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