Friendsgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your day with family and friends. I will be at work, delivering babies, but I am very thankful to have such an awesome job and even more wonderful co-workers. I really do love my job. Nothing puts life more into perspective than watching a new life come into the world. It is truly amazing. 🙂

Brad and I held our first Friendsgiving about 2 weeks ago, and it was a blast! Since we live in a small townhouse, we had to keep the guest list small, but hopefully next year we will be in a larger house and we’ll be able to have more friends over. The food came out awesome, and dinner was without any major hiccups.

For decor, I went the craft store and bought a few yards a burlap to make table runners. Burlap makes a great, cheap, no-sew table runner, and I love the rustic look it gave the table. I used some cloth napkins and candle sticks that we received as wedding gifts, and finished off the table with some wicker pumpkins that are part of my fall decorations.

Our menu included:

Brined Roasted Turkey with Gravy

Herbed Mashed Potatoes

Cornbread Herb Stuffing

Honey Yeast Rolls

Pumpkin Roll

Miniature Pies

We also had sweet potato casserole, sautéed green beans with shallots and breadcrumbs, and cranberries, but in the hustle and bustle of putting dinner on the table I failed to get any pictures.

I love to entertain our friends and bring out my inner Martha Stewart, so I’m really hoping Friendsgiving becomes an annual tradition. Nothing is better than a night of good food, good wine, and even better friends.

And on that note….only 30 shopping days til Christmas. 🙂

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