How To: Pick the Perfect Watermelon

It’s National Watermelon Day! I’m not sure who comes up with all these celebratory food days, but I won’t complain. They are a great excuse to eat our favorite foods. In honor of today, I thought it would be a good idea to do a tutorial on how to pick the perfect watermelon.

We’ve all been there….standing in the grocery store staring at the huge mound of watermelons. You think picked a good melon, only to go home and find out its underripe, or even worse – spoiled. Have you ever smelled spoiled watermelon? Gross!

With a little research, I found the 4 best tips to picking a great watermelon. Follow these tips, and I  guarantee you will never pick a bad watermelon again!

1. Take a look at all the watermelons. Look for a watermelon that is dark green in color, and has a dull sheen to it. A shiny appearance indicates a underripe melon. A good melon is symmetrical, and is free of any bruises or deep scars. Some minor scratches are ok.

2. Flip that melon over, and you should see a creamy yellow spot. This is called the “field spot” where the watermelon sat on the ground. The darker the yellow, the longer the melon sat on the vine and ripened. If its white or greenish, put it back – this indicates the watermelon was picked too soon and isn’t very ripe.

3. Pick it up. Is it heavy compared to other melons similar in size? The ripest watermelons have the most water, and therefore the heaviest.

4. Knock, knock – some people say that a true test of a ripe melon is to knock on it with your knuckles.  A ripe melon should produce a hollow sound. A dull thud would indicate an underripe melon. In my opinion, you can knock on melons all you want, but it’s too subjective to be a true test. Stick to other three tests above, and you should have success finding the perfect watermelon.

Source: What About Watermelon

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5 Responses to How To: Pick the Perfect Watermelon

  1. Thanks so much for posting these tips! It seems as if I have a way of always picking an under ripe watermelon.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I am not very good at picking watermelons so these will definitely help.

  3. Maryanna says:

    I wish I would have read this post a couple of weeks ago…. great tips!

  4. Chrissy….this is great! I’ve just been relying on luck when choosing watermelons! And that watermelon looks so pretty….gorgeous color….and I love it seedless! : )

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