How To: Spatchcock a Chicken

Spatch what??? Spatchcocking (aka butterflying) a chicken involves removing the backbone of a chicken, so the chicken can lay flat. This allows the chicken to cook more evenly, and allows you to grill the chicken whole. It takes a little fancy knifework to do, but it’s not incredibly difficult. I will warn you – if you are someone who is easily grossed out by whole chickens, this probably isn’t for you. The inside of a chicken in not a pretty sight. 🙂

1. Rinse off your chicken and pat dry with paper towels. Place on a cutting board, breast side up. Grab your sharpest knife, or a pair a kitchen scissors.

2. Insert a very sharp knife into the cavity of the chicken, off to one side of the backbone. Holding the chicken steadily with one hand, press down with the knife to cut through the ribcage. Move your knife to the other side of the backbone and cut through again. This should allow you to remove the backbone completely.

3. Flip the chicken over, and gently wack the breastbone with your knife to break the breastbone. Using both hands, gently grab each side of the chicken, and continue to crack the breastbone. Flip the chicken over and there you have it – a spatchcocked chicken!

Stay tuned for a great recipe involving a spatchcocked chicken 😉

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One Response to How To: Spatchcock a Chicken

  1. Awesome tutorial! Bookmarked! 🙂

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