Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Put away your steak knives – you won’t be needing them here! Beef tenderloin is the most tender meat you will ever eat in your life. This is an expensive cut of meat, so you’ll want to save it for a special occasion, but my oh my is it worth it! We had it for Christmas dinner this year, and it was phenomenal. One of the best parts of this recipe is that only takes an hour to make, so you’re not spending all day in the kitchen. It is a surely a great dinner that will impress your family and friends – just don’t tell them how easy it is to make!

Beef Tenderloin
Yields: About 8-10 servings

1 whole beef tenderloin (4-5 lbs)
4 tablespoons salted butter
1/3 cup whole peppercorns
Seasoned salt
Lemon pepper seasoning
Olive oil

Preheat the oven to 475 degrees.

Rinse meat well. Trim away some of the fat to remove the silvery cartilage underneath. With a very sharp knife, begin taking the fat off the top, revealing the silver cartilage underneath. You definitely don’t want to take every last bit of fat off—not at all. As with any cut of meat, a little bit of fat adds to the flavor. (I had the butcher trim the meat for me)

Sprinkle meat generously with seasoned salt. You can much more liberally season a tenderloin, because you’re having to pack more of a punch in order for the seasoning to make an impact. Start with seasoned salt. Rub it in with your fingers. Sprinkle both sides generously with lemon & pepper seasoning.

Place the peppercorns in a Ziploc bag, and with a mallet or a hammer or a large, heavy can, begin smashing the peppercorns to break them up a bit. Set aside.

Heat some olive oil in a heavy skillet. When the oil is to the smoking point, place the tenderloin in the very hot pan to sear it. Throw a couple of tablespoons of butter into the skillet to give it a nice little butter injection before going in the oven. A minute or two later, when one side is starting to turn nice and brown, flip and repeat.

Place the tenderloin on an oven pan with a rack. Sprinkle the pummeled peppercorns all over the meat. Press the pepper onto the surface of the meat. Put several tablespoons of butter all over the meat. Stick the long needle of the thermometer lengthwise into the meat. Place it in a 475-degree oven until the temperature reaches just under 140 degrees, about fifteen to twenty minutes. Stay near the oven and keep checking the meat thermometer to make sure it doesn’t overcook.

Let meat stand ten minutes or so before slicing, so the meat will have a chance to relax a bit.

To serve, you can spoon the olive oil/butter juices from the skillet onto the top of the meat for a little extra flavor.

Source: The Pioneer Woman

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3 Responses to Roasted Beef Tenderloin

  1. That looks like it was cooked to perfection. What a great holiday meal!!

    • Chrissy says:

      Thanks! The pictures didnt come out all that great because I had 12 hungry people starring at me…I didnt have a lot of time to take the perfect shot! hahah

  2. Hi from foodbuzz,

    that looks amazing, I love beef tenderloin a lot, had it last time after christmas 🙂
    I think your post is a good reason to make it again!

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